We all love a little get-to-know-you-POP-QUIZ, so here's ours!
Fave Disney Movie?
Krystal: Aladdin. I wanted to be princess jasmine. I wanted her hair, her eyes and pet tiger. And also... I think Aladdin is really hot.
Nicole: Beauty and Beast — I always felt bad for Maurice.

Fave Album of all time?
Krystal: Mariah Carey - Butterfly
Nicole: Simon and Garfunkel - The Concert in Central Park

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner?
Both: Breakfast!
Krystal: It's the best meal of the day. Ijust love Ben's pancakes, açai bowls... actually anything with bacon
Nicole: Same. Whatever cafe I go to, I pretty much always order the Big Breakfast.

Coffee / Tea?
Krystal: Coffee - almond milk latte. Large, baby.
Nicole: Tea - don't judge... 2 cups of tea, black no sugar. Lukewarm. Using the same teabag for the second cup.

Ideal holiday destination?
Krystal: That’s a hard question. New York. Maldives would be amazing. Anywhere near water and beautiful beaches. That’s my ideal... like Hawaii. Tahiti.
Nicole: log cabin somewhere in the snow. Or Faroe Islands in a cottage by a cliff

Fave Actor/Actress and Movie?
Krystal: Adam Sandler in Billy Madison “stop looking at me swan”. And definitely Will Smith
Nicole:Steve Carrel in Dan In Real Life, Crazy Stupid Love... and I know it's not a movie, but my all-time is The Office.
From a young age I've loved everything about fashion. Whether it was planning my outfits days in advance as a seven year old, or dressing up in mum's clothes, or dreaming and trying on clothes Icouldn't afford at the time... I've always loved and appreciated the power that fashion has to help people express themselves.
Growing up, I stayed up too late watching too many cartoons, and talking a little too much. I found myself immersed in the stories around me in cartoons, movies, music, books and people. I hold to a firm belief that everything (and everyone) has a story, one worth telling and even more, one worth listening to, and that it is through stories, that we can help shape the world around us. 
After a lot of coffees and (a lot more) dreamy conversations of what could come from the collision of these two worlds of Fashion and Storytelling, comes the story of The Darling Hearts. Our goal is to create pieces that not only look good, but ones that carry messages that resonate within you. You, the girl that knows who you are, where you're from, what you're about and where you're going and knows that life is way more exciting when we do it together. 



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