Mums. Where would we be without them? The last 7 years of my life, I have been a Mum. Blessed with three gorgeous girls, it's been a journey I couldn't ever justify with a simple post. One of the greatest gifts (cliche sounding i know, but truly it is!) and honours of my life is being a MUM.

Since having children, I've gained new appreciation for motherhood, and specifically my very own Mother. I mean, how amazing is that moment when you first lay eyes on your fresh new beautiful bub? #allthefeels right? All the firsts are so precious, first smile, first laugh, first word, first day at school, not to mention as they grow the cute things they say, or can't say properly. One of the things I love the most is seeing how they can be so much like you and so much like their Dad at the same time. All the cuddles and kisses in those simple, quiet moments. I love their innocence in the big wide world and often just hope and pray I get it right when it comes to opening up that world to them.

While it is an incredible beautiful gift, to be honest I've found that motherhood comes with its share of challenges. All of a sudden, these babes quite literally BURST into our lives, giving us the responsibility to unselfishly care for this little babe of the earth. Sleep is suddenly optional, you've now learned to shower, get dressed, do you hair and make up in under 5 minutes (because bub is waiting to be fed or cuddled or put to sleep) You start to appreciate cold cups of tea or coffee because at least savouring the little caffeine left in there which should help with that optional sleep situation; cold dinners are the new diet and you occasionally watch a movie with your husband (cue date night…at home on the couch in your PJs with your mum bun) without falling asleep.

But you know what I've found? That these things, though overwhelming at first, are temporary and become almost irrelevant once you gain a little perspective. Too often I think the “sacrifice” of being a Mum is talked about in such a negative way; like it's such a draaaag. And while I’ll admit, I've had my fair share of hard days - there is so much beauty in the sacrifice of being a mum. I think it's something God has crafted beautifully and intentionally.

Mothers are:

  • encouraging
  • hardworking
  • organised
  • generous
  • always building their children up
  • so strong
  • capable
  • brave
  • wise
  • inventive
  • discerning
  • loving
  • dedicated
  • labour over things for their children

And all of this and more is true about my mum. My mum was brave, enduring and strong even before we were born, enduring 3 injections daily through her pregnancy as she (and I actually) has a blood clotting condition called AT3, to be able to have me (and my brother). She is ALWAYS encouraging. In fact, I'm not sure I remember a time where she hasn't been encouraging. She believes in me, always and still to this day. She works hard… at everything she puts her hand to. Not just in her employment or even where she has volunteered over the years, but to the smallest details in planning our birthdays or family holiday details ensuring everyone would enjoy, putting others first before her. She is organised and ALWAYS has her calendar at the ready! She is generous…in EVERY way but my favourite is that she is generous in JOY. It's infectious to those around her. She is wise. Never too quick to speak or act, treating wisdom with utmost value. Mum is my prayer warrior. If I'm ever feeling worried or maybe at a loss, I often remind myself that Mum has prayed for me today. She often reminds me that she prays for me (and all of our family) daily and I know she does so with detail. And I'm sure I'm living in days of answered prayers she prayed. Mum’s personality reminds me to look for the positive, to love others first, take the time to have that conversation you perhaps don't have time to. To be genuine in love and care for others. She taught me how to love and funnily enough Ive found myself doing things she used to do for us when we were kids - things that may seem as simple as getting a warm face washer to wipe away the tears of one of my girls but oh how taking the time with the simple has a lasting impact.

So Mum, as the saying goes, if i know anything about being a mother, it's because I learnt it from you first. And while I will never be able to thank you enough in words or deeds for all you have done and continue to do, I will show it to you in love. Happy Mothers Day.



  • Jillian

    Such beautiful words of wisdom. You’re going to be strong in any given circumstance as God makes us strong in our weakness and your prayers and your mums prayers will sustain you wherever you go and whatever you put your hand to. You will give mums that gentle helpful hand to nudge them forward to take another step. Love you heaps and I’m sooooo proud of you!!

  • Jill Myer

    Awww, sweetie. That is so lovely. Made me weep & LAUGH!!!! Many thanks!

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