The wind is crisper; the days are shorter and beanies and scarves are starting to make an appearance. All of this is pointing to one thing: Winter is upon us.
Tomorrow marks 1st June, the first calendar day of a new season: the good old Aussie winter. For some, this is a difficult time as they mourn the departure of the beloved long sun kissed days of Summer. For others, Winter is when the good times are just about to roll. So, whether you're a winter lover, or a sworn enemy of the season, you gotta admit... there's some pretty cool things to love about the arrival of a new season. So here's some of our fave things about winter.
  1. Walking in daylight and not feeling like you are slowly getting stabbed by fire daggers (but still, SLIP SLOP SLAP!)
  2. A good pot of soup...specifically Pumpkin Soup with a good piece of buttered, crusty bread (Soup is under rated)
  3. Snuggling In Bed in the Morning
  4. Mulled wine
  5. Vivid (minus the swarms of thousands of people)
  6. Jackets boots and beanies - we LOVE winter fashion
  7. Firepits, and roasting marshmallows at night with a bunch of your faves

What we've learned over time, is that our appreciation of the seasons come from the experience of the seasons past. We actually get to appreciate winter more because we've had summer, and to be honest, it's the same about Summer! The thing about seasons is, it's not forever... Winter is coming, but it's not staying (sadface for some, smiley face for others) It's a season, not an eternity (even if the nay-sayers seem to think so). So whatever season you find yourself in, we hope you find the simple joys in it cause there's a lot of things to love about the season we're in, and a lot more to look forward to in the seasons to come.

That's it! Let us know in the comments below, or on our insta post what your fave thing is about Winter!

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