Ah, winter. Its my fave season. I love so much about it - soups, blankets, snuggles, hot drinks on cold mornings, fluffy socks, jackets, boots. But I also love that its over in 3 months - I'm always ready for Spring by then. Much the same when summer and autumn roll around. 

I think life is much the same in how it comes and goes in seasons, don't you think? There is the fun, carefree, exciting seasons that seem to bring back fond memories for people; like that summer holiday you went on, or that time you seemed to be in the right rhythm - nothing breaking your stride with work, home and family life, - one win to the next. Then, there's also seasons that are a little more challenging, and maybe not the ones that come first to memory (maybe you've been trying to forget the memories of) The ones where perhaps there has been stress, heartbreak, hurt, financial strain.
How about you - what kind season do you currently find yourself in? Do you enjoy it or are you just holding on to the hope and pining for the season to shift? There's this catch phrase I think we get too comfortable saying to people, “It's only a season” as if it is meant to bring some sort of comfort and hope for this particular season to pass. I think these seasons can bring lessons should we choose to view them with an open mindset. Now don't get me wrong, it's important to feel all the feels, and I am not trying to diminish those at all; I do want to ask what would happen if we found a way to enjoy the current season, or at the very least, learn from them instead of spending it only pining for the next? So whatever season you're in, I want to encourage you not to let challenging seasons sweep you up and take you out. 

So - how can we make the most of each season? Here's some ideas I wanted to share with you which I do (or try to do)  which I believe has helped me put my seasons in perspective
1. Start a Grateful Journal. Simply write down one thing every day you are grateful for. Perhaps it's something as simple as a smile or perhaps it's for some kind words someone spoke to you. 
2. Transform negative self talk into positive self talk. Just say no to beating yourself up. We have to be kind to ourselves!
3. Surround yourself with the right people - not the ones who will drag you down or get you focused on the past. The kind of friends who will also help you walk through days that can be long and difficult; friends who are also positive, uplifting, real and  FUN - these are the friends who are so good for the soul; 
4. Chin up! Did you know even a change in your posture can help shift your attitude? So chin up, eyes forward into the future and while you’re at it… throw a smile on that gorgeous face, darling!
5. Write a daily mantra or affirmation you can say to yourself each day that you want to frame your season. It could be something like “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I do not need to worry. I am going to be brave, bold and trust that this season will teach me more about myself. Today will be a good day”

So darling, whatever season you currently find yourself in, embrace it because it doesn't last forever and it will teach you things if you allow it!


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