I’m not a particularly sporty person (understatement, ha!) ...but if watching movies were a sport it would be a different story. In popular culture, what I’ve often observed in sporting movies is that halftime is a pivotal time of the game.
Halftime can be where the collision of tiredness and frustrations surface (frustrations with self, and frustrations with other players, even those on the same team) I’ve also found more often than not that halftime is home to regathering of players, whether huddled in locker rooms or on the sidelines, sweaty and recharging, learning from the first half (flaws, mistakes and all) and re-strategizing for the next half. I’ve seen some pretty epic Braveheart style speeches that have given life and refreshed strategy and renewed focus to the same vision. It’s taught me that if I let it, halftime can become the turning point of what would otherwise be just another game, or in this instance, just another year.
In recent years, I’ve arrived at halftime (by the skin of my teeth) tired and at times disillusioned. Yes, there were times when it was circumstantial, but to be honest, that’s too easy an excuse to take when I know that in a lot of those times it was my complacency and lack of diligence to guard my heart and my thoughts that got me there. But there has also been distinct times where I’ve somehow been overtaken (not always on my own initiation) by a renewal of vision and a topping up of the tank which I can only attribute to a gracious God that has gotten me through to the end of the year. So now, I’ve reached the halfway point of 2018 and because I want to walk into the second half of the year with purpose, in turn I want this halftime to be better than what I’ve seen before.
Overall I think what happens at halftime is determined largely by what you want your end game to be. Passionate Braveheart style speeches from Team Captains and Coaches don't just happen because they're happy to cruise on through and just see where the leaves may fall; no, it happens because they have the end game in sight, and are vision-filled in relation to what they want to achieve. So let's use halftime to take a personal inventory of where we're at, where we wanna go, and what we're doing to get there. Safe to say, that what you want to win will determine how you play the game.

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