Growing up I loved hearing the words Once Upon A Time. It was a promise of a story to unfold. Not just about the great highlights and mountain tops, but the starting point and backstory of the the protagonists, the heroes and the fiends, we've come to know, love, and hate. Once upon a time meant that I was about to go on an adventure and be pretty much right in the story, alongside them.
So for us here at The Darling Hearts, we want to invite you along to our story. We understand that we are just the beginning, but nonetheless, it's the start of what we envision to be a long road filled with many adventures which become many stories told around the fire in the company of dear friends, roaring laughter and fond memories. Come join us.
This is our Once Upon A Time, a bit about us and how The Darling Hearts started. 

Krystal, wife and a mother to three girls is a lover of all things motherhood, travel, and fashion. I (Nicole) have a serious crush on the collision of words and pictures and the stories they tell.
Krystal and I became friends after working together for a season. We had shared interests in our faith, fashion, the search for good cafes with all day brekkie (bacon mandatory) and a trusty cup of coffee.
Both of us: dreamers and storytellers. 
Krystal and Nicole
In the time we worked together, it would come up a lot in conversation (between multiple cups of teas and coffees) that there's many things we're seeing worn that we've liked and loved, and many on the not-so-much side of the spectrum. We both have different fashion styles ourselves, with Krystal being on trend and myself being a plain tee and jeans all through the year kinda girl.
Though we both liked different styles, we would come across a recurring problem: Styles that we wanted to wear, carried meaningless and at times empty words OR certain messages we loved and backed, were presented in a style that we just wouldn't ourselves wear. Pretty much, if there were a venn diagram, there would be two completely separate circles. After chatting with friends, we found that we weren't alone in thinking this.
Essentially, we want to bridge the gap between the circles in our venn diagram We no longer wanted to have to choose between the two circles, because we reckon if a message is beautiful in meaning, why wouldn't it look beautiful on the outside too?
Pretty much, our desire is to spread a timeless, simple yet WILDLY profound message of LOVE. This is steeped in the revelation that we are loved immeasurably and our mission is to love others the same way. We believe that as we do, we are convinced that it has a wildfire effect of spreading.
So for us, it was simple. We wanted to create clothing that
# looked great
# we would wear ourselves
# carried meaning and could encourage others
We're in this for the slow burn, with sparks in our hands waiting for the wildfire to come. We're excited to continue to watch (and work) for this story to unfold. Tune in as we tell the stories of each collection. 
Our first collection is called WE, THE DARLINGS. Inspired by a revelation that we are seen, loved and called Darlings. Read about the inspiration here
We're working hard to get our second collection out for you. It's called THE LOVED WILL LOVE. Stay tuned to hear more about it. But for now, we're so glad you're here for our Once Upon A Time. We hope you stay with us as the chapters continue. 

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