Dear Darling,

As you know, recently we have started a fun adventure and a wild one at that with The Darling Hearts. For us both, it is super exciting (the nail biter, butterflies in your stomach, big gulp kind) as we step onto this new road. To us, this is more than just a little project, or even just a label or business we are launching, but a story that we have found ourselves in and we wanted to share it with you.

The Darling Hearts is a brand inspired by the strong women that surround us, the close friends we are fortunate enough to have and greater still, the beautiful, profound and intricate love story we are a part of.

Our heart behind this is to spread the message that we are loved beyond measure, and that as women, we are better together. This is a truth we hold onto and can testify to. So, it is with deep gratitude and great excitement that we invite you to join us on this road!

Our website as well as our instagram (@thedarlinghearts) will be the HQ of everything Darling Hearts.

In our SHOP you'll find custom Darling pieces which will be eye candy, with a side of soul food; a little bit sweet and a little bit sassy. We're excited to start with our first collection: WE, THE DARLINGS.

Within our DARLING BLOG we want to tell you stories of note; whether it be certain sweethearts we want to highlight, incredible stories from overcoming and breakthrough, to the sweet and sassy happenings of the everyday ...and everything in between.

So - all in all, we’re excited for the crazy days ahead, as we heart and soul believe that we're on the edge of something great (and FUN!). We can't wait for this to unfold, and for you to join us.

With love,
Krystal & Nicole


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