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Honey, we know you've probably heard the term 'GIRL GANG' so many times that you've rolled your eyes and have thought to yourself "ANOTHER CHICKY CLICHE COMIN' RIGHT UP". Or maybe you're on the other side of the spectrum - ears prick up at the sound of "gal pals and girl gangs". Either way, we believe this potent truth bears repeating: there is POWER IN THE GIRL GANG.
For us this is something we have seen time and time again in our own lives. We have had those gal pals who we have shared the utmost hilarity with - the kind where you are laughing so hard, there's no sound, just tears, and awkward clapping or slapping of your thigh cause you can't breathe or talk; the ones we've done the long roads with and withstood the test of time and questionable fashion phases; the ones who have stood faithful in our most difficult of days and encouraged us through it being our cheerleaders in the sidelines, and at times have even carried us through the finish lines themselves. We're also talking about the ones who at the time we may have internally sworn hatred towards, as they showed greater loyalty to our future rather than appeasing our current (and fleeting) demands; the ones who have challenged our decision, character, and attitudes over the seasons because sometimes they know us better than ourselves and they know we're better than the ugly we may have just served up.
So here's why we love our Girl Gang
1. Girls in girl gangs each have their own flavour.  They're the spice of life ...you know- like sporty spice, scary, posh. Or like everyone has a Phoebe, Monica and Rachel. The best thing about this is that in a girl gang, not everyone has to be duplicates of each other... Instead, together all our differences can complement each other. A cake isn't just a one-ingredient thing, it's made of  different Ingredients and combined, is better together.
2. Girl gangs are a great source of encouragement! A healthy group of friends lifts and encourages. We each run our own race in our own lane, but we love that girl gangs are (and should be) the loudest cheerleaders on the sidelines. Girl gangs don’t compare or tear down cause TBH That's just a bit silly and indicative of a bit of internal insecurity (Honey, get that checked).
3. Girl gangs are generous (and don’t expect anything in return)
“Well I helped you move house 7 years ago, and then last week you couldn’t help me” .... Ummm let’s all just be grown ups for a second! Real friendships give of time and energy without expectation of tit for tat. (Real) Generosity begets generosity, and shouldnt be conditioned. Girl gangs can rally when the time comes to support each other without an expectation of “owing” each other.
4.Girl gangs are loyal to your future. Confession session, sometimes we get sookie when we don’t get our way, or when our friends don’t take our side right there and then. But more often than not, our friends can see more than we can and though in the moment they tell us what we don’t want to hear, it is often what we need to hear. And seriously, those are the friends we want. Loyalty to our future is what is needed, and wanted!
You see, for us, Girl Gangs aren't just those insta-story, highlight reel, matching outfits, slumber party kind of girls. Though those are cool bits too, that doesn't paint the whole picture. For us, Girl Gangs are there both in the mountain top instastory highlights, as well as the ones helping us navigate through the dark valley times when you don't even know which way is up or out. They are one of the sharp carving tools that have helped shape who we are, as well as the quiet presence of just a friend watching movies with, on what would otherwise have been a lonely night. They don't just happen or appear overnight, but are the results of consistency through seasons (yes, even the difficult ones) and more importantly, a result of prayer and the kindness of a generous God who plonked these bad-ass sweetheart babes in our worlds and we get to call friends. We are better because of them, we are grateful for them, and our prayer continues that we get to be great friends in return.
And those are just some of the reasons why we love our girl gang.

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  • Isa

    So good! And so true. I think is very hard try to find this kind of friendship, but if you ask to God for this, he can give us this girls gang . Thank for share (Sorry for my English) xx

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